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heig-vd/rts -

At the end of the Media Engineering studies, is a Bachelor Degree thesis in which the students use the knowledge acquired during the course to solve real case problems by developing a concrete solution.

Nest was my Bachelor project at HEIG-VD. It was developed to provide an Analytics Tool focused on measuring followers' activity and engagement over the many Twitter accounts of the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) - the Swiss public service TV and Radio broadcast company.

Eight weeks are available to carry out the Bachelor thesis in addition to two weeks of preparatory work. This time was used for data modeling, UI/UX design frontend development and of course, debugging (a lot).

Strictly speaking, the development took place over five intensive weeks, complicated by various technical problems due to Twitter’s data architecture and framework issues.

The framework of this web application is based on AngularJS and the statistical data is rendered through the D3.js library.