Branding & Website

Imajack -

Imajack is an audiovisual production agency based in Lausanne, for which I rethought the corporate identity and developed a new website with a special attention focused on unifying their communication strategy.

Creating the logo had to be representative of Imajack mindset and services yet being serious and professional looking. The idea came to create a logo made up of 4 circles to reflect the creative process of the entreprise. It is a polymorphic logo, the circles are not perfect, they are organic, a bit off balance and spin around their center. They each have their liberty, yet they tend to find harmony when combined around the entity of Imajack.

The website also has to reflect the mindset of the entreprise. Therefore, we chose to use the navigation as a way to bring storytelling about Imajack services to the visitors. "We | Create | Videos | With you" This is the message that remains when exploring the website. Since Imajack is a video production entreprise, it was paramount that video integration inside the website was optimal. It was a great technical challenge to make this website easy to browse, responsive and automatically multilingual. I am very proud of the result and thankful to Imajack's trust on this nice project.