Class projects

Hydromerta -

At the end of the school year, we carried out a large-scale group project. Starting in January, alternating with other classes and then during three intensive weeks from April until May.

This year our project was addressing the issue of water shortage with the Association Race for Water. We had to deliver a cross-platform content from which the experience is enriched by the use of several different media.

Our idea was to immerse the player in a world where all the water resources of Yverdon would be controlled by a mafia against which the player fights.

The content comes in the form of posters as guerilla marketing inside the school hallways, a fully interactive multi-player web platform representing a map of the mafia influence of on water resources and an enhanced mobile experience by geolocation in order to impact this stranglehold directly at strategic points of Yverdon (hydrants, fountains, water treatment plant...).

I was part of this project by creating the posters, co-prototyping the website, writing a part of the fictional content as well as developing a portion of the desktop frontend working with AngularJS.